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Velodyne EQ-Max 15 Subwoofer mit Raum-Presets

€ 1.430,-  pro Stk.  

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Designed with Velodyne’s 28 years of leadership in bass technology, EQ-Max subwoofers deliver great bass easily. No other subwoofers in this price range give you so much for so little!

Simply push EQ on the remote and the exclusive, built-in processor maximizes the bass in your room from any source.


  • Maximum output and impact One-touch Auto-EQ room bass correction

  • Superior digital performance Instantaneous front-panel feedback Remote control

  • Four one-touch listening presets

Easy Room Bass Maximization

Your options for where to put your subwoofer are probably limited. However, getting incredible output, maximum impact and deep bass performance from the EQ-Max is easy.

Simply put your subwoofer in your preferred location, place the included microphone in your favorite seating position, push the remote’s EQ button and let the digitally controlled five-band equalizer automatically adjust your subwoofer for great sounding bass.

Simple Remote Controrl

EQ-Max subwoofers offer high technology, made easy! The remote lets you control all the subwoofer’s functions from the comfort of your favorite chair with visible feedback on the front panel:

EQ: Adjusts your subwoofer to overcome room bass interactions and deliver optimum bass performance at your listening position.

• Presets: For the driving bass in rock music, the hard hitting excitement of games, the maximum output and impact of movies, or the precise bass

reproduction demanded by jazz and classical material, EQ-Max subwoofers are instantly customized at the touch of a button.

• Night Mode: This polite feature limits the maximum output of the subwoofer for late night listening, or to be considerate of close neighbors.

• Volume Control: Volume control allows you to balance the output from the subwoofer to the main speakers in your system.

• Light Control: Illuminate or turn off the front panel readout on your EQ-Max sub.

• Phase Adjustment: Adjustable in 90 degree increments, this helps you get the best possible match between your system speaker and subwoofer.

Efficient Green Digital Amplifiers

New efficient, digital Class D amplifiers reproduce the dramatic impact of special effects, pulsing drumbeats, and very low, sustained pedal notes in a classical organ piece with clean and dynamic bass peaks. EQ-Max subwoofers easily and accurately reproduce these difficult, ultra-low frequencies.

High Output Extended Excursion Drivers

Four custom-designed Extended Excursion drivers were engineered with vented pole-pieces that increase power handling and assure long-term reliability Dual layer large copper voice coils are specifically matched with massive 2.5 to 4.4 lb magnets to provide dynamic bass you can actually feel.

Velodyne’s Exclusive Distortion Limiting System

With digital precision, Velodyne’s Distortion Limiting System achieves the maximum performance from both the amplifier and woofer motor structure without overdriving either. The result is deeper bass extension, bigger impact and less distortion

Flexible Crossover with Subwoofer Direct

An adjustable 40 Hz – 120 Hz low pass crossover allows the sub to ideally match any main speakers. The Subwoofer Direct feature allows the EQ-Max subs to play the output of the LFE channel of a 5.1 or 7.1 channel receiver unaltered, assuring the highest levels of performance.

Cabinet Design

EQ-Max subwoofers are easily placed in any location, or concealed in custom cabinetry. Designed to give maximum output, but blend beautifully into your room, the cabinets use a down-firing port to minimize the audible distortion known as port noise and maximizing bass impact

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